Cheesy Tuna Mac & Cheese

Cheesy Tuna Mac & Cheese

Cheesy Tuna Mac & Cheese


1 box Kraft mac & cheese - made per directions

1 c Velveeta cheese diced

1 can chunk tuna in water

1 small onion - chopped


Prepare Mac & Cheese as directed on the box. Keep finished mac & cheese in the same pot used to boil the water.

While the Mac & Cheese is being made, in a separate pan, place a small amount of olive oil and fry onion until tender.

Open can of tuna and drain the water. Add to sauted onions, just until warm and excess liquid is evaporated off.

When mac & cheese is finished, add the onion and tuna mixture to the mac & cheese pot and stir in the Velveeta cheese.

Cook on low heat stirring constantly just until the velveeta cheese is melted.

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