Maryland Meals Seafood Cookbook

Marland Meals Seafood Recipes Volume 1

Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes

Maryland Meals is proud to offer it’s first ever cookbook, Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes. This cookbook has been a labor of love and has taken a considerable amount of time and effort to put together, but it was worth it! Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes is all about the best seafood recipes from Maryland and the surrounding areas of the Chesapeake Bay.


Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes

Contains over 400 delicious Seafood recipes put together in a very understandable and easy to read format. The 378 page cookbook comes in an easy to read electronic book sent wirelessly directly to your Kindle device. No muss, no fuss and absolutely no waiting to start cooking that delicious Chicken Chesapeake tonight!

Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes can be read using your computer or your Kindle so you have ease of access anywhere, anytime and on the go!

Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes covers every category of seafood recipes from soups to stews and chowders, romantic dinners for two or seafood casseroles for the whole family to enjoy. Cedar planked Salmon, Stuffed Rockfish or how about that Teryaki glazed Scallop recipe you always wanted to try? It’s all included. What you won’t find is 50 of the same recipe with a different title or a few differing ingredients. Each Recipe was hand selected for this cookbook so if there are 5 Crab Cake Recipes you can bet they are 5 completely different and delicious meals.

  •     Detailed Ingredients Lists
  •     Easy to understand Directions
  •     Easy to navigate Table of Contents
  •     Bookmark Recipes for quick reference


The Table of Contents contains over 400 clickable recipes so you can get to any recipe or back to the beginning of the cookbook in an instant. You can also bookmark your favorites so they are easy to find later. Even better, you can print out the recipes you want to try and have them readily at hand while you cook. Try that with an expensive hard cover cookbook without ruining it at some point.

If you were to purchase Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes in hardcover form you would pay over $40.00 but because Maryland Meals is the publisher and the cookbook is delivered direct to your Kindle in digital format we can cut the costs way down giving you an enjoyable recipe packed book for…

Only $2.99

Over 400 Recipes For Just $2.99!

With over 400 Recipes, Maryland Meals vol.1 Seafood Recipes is sure to be one of the biggest and best resources in your arsenal of cookbooks and as far as seafood recipes go it might well be the last cookbook you buy.

At $2.99 we are practically giving this cookbook away but because we are publishing it in house we don’t have any of the normal costs associated with publishing a cookbook so we can offer it to you at a very affordable price.

$2.99 for over 400 Recipes is an awesome deal and We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Buy Maryland Meals Vol. 1 Seafood Recipes Today!

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